View Plot As Picture

Render the plot to a LabVIEW picture, so it can be displayed.

By default, the plot will be rendered using whatever size it currently has (see Set Plot Size). To exactly match the dimensions of an existing Picture control, wire a control reference to the Ref for Sizing terminal.


To save your plot to a file on disk, use Save Plot To Disk.

int32_in int32_out Plot ID/Plot ID Out
Plot identifier. Plot ID Out always contains the same value as Plot ID.
ref_in Ref for Sizing
Optional reference to an existing Picture object. If provided, the plot will first be resized to exactly match the dimensions of the Picture. See also Set Plot Size.
picture_out Picture
Rendered plot, as a LabVIEW Picture.
error_in error_out Error In/Out
Terminals for standard error functionality.


Download Getting, or see Examples for a complete list of examples.

Other information

Invalid Picture references wired to Ref for Sizing will be ignored.