Save Plot To Disk

Save the plot to a file.

The Advanced Plotting Toolkit supports vector output in PDF format, as well as common raster image formats like PNG, TIFF and JPEG.

Wire a file path to the Path terminal; any existing file will be overwritten. The output format is determined using the file extension (case-insensitive).

int32_in int32_out Plot ID/Plot ID Out
Plot identifier. Plot ID Out always contains the same value as Plot ID.
path_in Path
The plot will be saved to this file. Any existing file will be overwritten. An error occurs if the destination is not writable, or is a directory.
error_in error_out Error In/Out
Terminals for standard error functionality.


Download Saving to, or see Examples for a complete list of examples.

Supported formats

Format Description Extension Kind
PDF Portable Document Format .pdf Vector
PNG Portable Network Graphics .png Bitmap
BMP Windows Bitmap .bmp Bitmap
TIFF Tagged Image File Format .tiff, .tif Bitmap
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group .jpeg, .jpg Bitmap
GIF Graphics Interchange Format .gif Bitmap