Draw Vertical Line

Draw a vertical line across the axis box, at a particular X location.

The starting and ending locations of the line may optionally be specified, in units of the axis height (0.0 to 1.0).

int32_in int32_out Plot ID/Plot ID Out
Plot identifier. Plot ID Out always contains the same value as Plot ID.
double_in X (data coords)
X location at which to draw the vertical line, in data coordinates.
double_in Y Min (plot coords)
Start location of line, as a fraction of the plot height (0 to 1). Default is to start at the bottom axis (0).
double_in Y Max (plot coords)
End location of line, as a fraction of the plot height (0 to 1). Default is to end at the top axis (1).
hvline_props Properties

Property cluster, available under the “Properties” subpalette.

cluster_in Line

Controls the appearance of the line.

enum_in Style
Line style (solid, dashed, etc.). Default is to automatically select an appropriate style.
uint32_in Color
Line color. May be a PlotColor or LabView color.
single_in Width
Line width, in font points (1/72 inch).
cluster_in Display

Controls display appearance of the line.

double_in Alpha
Alpha blending value for this object (0.0 to 1.0). Default is 1.0 (fully opaque).
double_in Z Order
Stacking order. Default is chosen based on the object type.
error_in error_out Error In/Out
Terminals for standard error functionality.

Axis Types

This VI supports rectangular axes. Use with polar axes will result in 402905 - Operation Not Supported for Polar Plot.

Other information

If X is non-finite (NaN or Inf), the line will not be displayed, and no error will be returned.

If Y Min or Y Max is non-finite or extend beyond the limits of the axes, the default location will be used. Y Max may be smaller than Y Min; the line will be plotted normally.