Set X Ticks

Set the X axis tick locations, and optionally labels, for linear axis scales.

int32_in int32_out Plot ID/Plot ID Out
Plot identifier. Plot ID Out always contains the same value as Plot ID.
double_1d_in Tick Locations
Locations of X-axis ticks (in data units).
string_1d_in Tick Labels
Labels for the ticks. By default, appropriate labels are chosen based on the type of data plotted and its range.
tick_props Properties

Property cluster, available under the “Properties” subpalette.

cluster_in Text

Controls display of the tick labels.

uint32_in Color
Text color (PlotColor or LabView color).
uint32_in Background Color
Color of text background (box directly behind the text.) PlotColor or LabView color.
int32_in Font Size
Size of text. Choosing a relative size (Small, Medium, Large, etc.) from the drop-down is recommended. You can also choose “Other” and specify an absolute font size (in points) manually.
enum_in Font Style
Style of font (normal, italic, bold).
double_in Rotation angle
Angle of rotation (about left bottom corner).
error_in error_out Error In/Out
Terminals for standard error functionality.

Axis Types

This VI supports both rectangular and polar axes.

Other information

If tick values are given which are offscreen, the plot will be expanded to display them. See Set Axis Limits to set the X and Y axis ranges explicitly.

Non-finite (NaN or Inf) entries in Tick Locations are ignored, as are corresponding entries in Tick Labels.

If the axis scale is log or symlog, error 402906 - Operation Not Supported for Axis Scale will result.